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Located within the Botany Town Centre, Treetops Botany is a licensed childcare that caters for up to 80 children, operating in 3 separate areas based on the children's ages.
  • The Nest : Age 0-2 years
  • Tui room: Age 2-3.5 yearss
  • Kea room: Age 3.5-5 years

What sets us apart? Quality education that is focused on the natural development of your child.

Young children respond much better to education and learning when they understand what they are doing and find it interesting, fun, and enjoyable. Therefore, our approach is to take direction from your child and their interests as we guide them through the learning experiences that we plan every day. This allows your child to develop at their pace while we encourage them to try new things.
We are known for:
● A great Reputation – just ask any of our current or prior parents how they rate Treetops childcare centres in Auckland!
● A warm, stimulating childcare environment for children 0 - 6 years of age
● We are a privately owned and operated family childcare provider in Auckland - we believe this is a big deal!
● Dedicated, passionate and qualified teachers at all our childcare centres
● A high teacher-to-child ratio
● Three daycare centres in Auckland - Botany, Botany Junction and Pukekohe
● Healthy, nutritious meals are provided by our on-site cooks daily
● Strong relationships with family and whānau. We work together for the positive development of your child

At our Botany Town centre we have three rooms for our different age groups Te Kohanga for infants (aged 0 to 2 years)

At Treetops Early Learning Centres we believe in the importance of primary caregiving. We, therefore, all use this practice with all of our younger children. This means that your child will have an initial main caregiver introduced to them. This teacher will be there for you to build a strong trusting relationship with. They will be the person who looks after your child’s care moments, the teacher that knows your child best and keeps an extra special eye on them in your absence.
As your child develops a strong relationship with their primary caregiver, they will then begin to develop relationships with the other teachers in their room. This ensures that they are comfortable with all of our teachers in the room.
● Our staffing ratio for babies is a maximum of 1:4 at all times.
● Our infant teaching staff are loving, sociable and physically responsive. They understand your infant's needs and can respond to them.
● We respect your infant's individual rhythms, and we adjust our timetable to suit them.

Nga Tui for toddlers (aged 2 to 3.5 years)

Toddlers have their own dedicated room. There are many opportunities to move and explore inside and outside in our creative play environments.
● We set up experiences daily which stimulate and challenge your child in all aspects of development: physical, mental, creative and social.
● Our planning focuses on providing many varied opportunities to develop your child’s ability to communicate and to develop fine and gross motor skills through exercise and play.
● Our programme of daily activities is delivered in a secure environment that provides a predictable routine for your child.

Nga Kea for young children (aged 3.5 to 5 years)

We place a high priority on developing independence and self-management skills as children move closer to starting school. Children are encouraged to problem-solve and develop social relationships with peers and adults.
● We celebrate diversity by understanding and respecting different cultures, languages, beliefs and abilities.
● Through close communication with your child’s teacher, you will learn what your child has been doing throughout their day.