FREE Parking

Enjoy 4 hours of FREE parking when visiting us.

Parking Tips

Can I extend my time?

If you think you will be shopping for a while, make sure you park in the 4-hour parking areas as this will give you 4 hours of FREE parking. If you think you'll be longer than this, please contact our Customer Services desk who will make the arrangements to extend your time. Car parks are for the use of Botany Town Centre customers only, so please don't be offended if you are asked to verify that you have been shopping at the Centre.

How do customers appeal a breach notice?

The breach notices include details of the breach, the fee, and how to pay or appeal. It will also have contact information for PES and outline what happens if the breach notice remains unpaid or is not appealed.

Is there a cost for staying longer than 4 hours?

No, there is no cost to park for longer than 4 hours, but you need to visit Customer Services to register your details if you intend to stay longer than 4 hours. Failure to do so will result in a $65 Breach notice being issued if time limits are exceeded or you are breaching the car parking terms and conditions.

What are the time limits?

15 min drop off/pick up zones
15 min Click & Collect parking bays
90 min parking area next to Espresso Car Wash
240 min parking on remainder parking sites

FREE customer car parking is available for up to 4 hours in our Centre car parks. If you think you will be visiting us for more than 4 hours, visit our Customer Service desk near Farmers to extend your stay. Our team will log your car registration details and you'll be back on your way.

We have parking time limits across the site including; 15min drop off/pick up zones, 15min Click and Collect parking bays, a 90min parking area next to Espresso Car Wash, and a 4-hour limit for the remainder of the centre parking. Our parking is monitored by Parking Enforcement Services. 

Car parks are only for use by Botany Town Centre customers while visiting the centre. Breach notices may be issued with a $65 fee if parking time limits are exceeded.