The Eleventh Chapter


117 Min

Drama, Asian Cinema

A 30-year-old homicide case is adapted into a stage play by the city repertory troupe. Ma Fuli (Chen Jianbin) was involved in the original case, and the finale of play accuses him of being the murderer. Fuli becomes enraged but the theatre director (Dong Chengpeng) refuses to back down, so he goes in search of a lawyer to restore his innocence. Meanwhile, Fuli must also attempt to reconcile with his wife (Zhou Xun) and daughter (Leah Dou) who are swept up in the speculation. Can Ma Fuli reverse the case again and how many truths are actually out there? . 30年前一桩杀人案,被市话剧团拿来改编成舞台剧,马福礼(陈建斌饰)作为杀人案的当事人,旧事重提让他的生活再起波澜。马福礼一边忙着和话剧团导演胡昆汀(大鹏饰)纠缠掰理,一边找律师翻案寻求真相还自己清白,还要忙着调和妻子金财铃(周迅饰)和女儿金多多(窦靖童饰)剑拔弩张的关系,生活给了他多记重锤……时隔多年,马福礼能否重新翻案?真相到底有几个?人生如戏,请君入席。

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