Haathi Mere Saathi- Hindi


154 Min

Drama, Bollywood

A remote peaceful forest land in Assam is protected and cared for by a sole human, Bandev, who is particularly attached to a group of elephants. The bliss and calm of his forest and its wildlife is disturbed when a large multinational company with support from political bigwigs who unlawfully grab the land and begin construction of a golf course. Bandev tries to thwart their attempt at redevelopment but the far too corrupt system fails him and frames him for a crime he did not commit. In the meanwhile, the construction company hires an able elephant trainer Abeer and and his trained 'kumki' elephant to fight against Bandev and his herd. As the two side continue battling, a wall is built, and the elephants have no access to their water source. Abeer slowly starts to notice the injustice towards the animals, but his conscience is completely shaken only when hel oses someone very close to him because of the sheer indifference of the multinational company. Abeer now joins a Maoist group led by fierce Arvi and her brother and organizes guerilla attacks against the authorities. While simultaneously , Bandev is peacefully fighting with the law to stop the construction. However, all their efforts fail and the golf course's inauguration by the prime minister is announced. On the day of the inauguration, a desperate Bandev as a last resort decides to protest. He and the rebel tribal group sit on the dharna on the highway not allowing the vehicles to move. The authorities try every trick in the book and finally when they decide to attack him physically, the elephants rush to his rescue. People on the highway realize the truth behind Bandev's crusade and soon it becomes a social media issue forcing the PM to announce the demolition of the wall. As peace is restored, an unexpected occurrence makes Abeer take the mantle of the new Bandev.

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