Not So Mumsy

Read on for the latest fashion blog from our exclusive in-centre stylist, Kerry Finlay. Learn more about her personal styling service here.

Mothers Day is around the corner but this isn’t another ‘what Mums want for Mothers Day’ blog.

I don’t know about you but us Mums live off exhaustion and caffeine fumes and it’s easy for our wardrobes to reflect just so.

Many of my clients are Mums. Stay at home Mums. Working Mums. Juggling all.the.things Mums.

So how do we ‘Mum’ in style? I have 5 key points to keep your style in check while juggling the Mother load.

#1 Prioritise you.

Yup. I said it and I mean it. It’s all too easy to lose ourselves behind the washing pile and the kids social calendar so how about you make it a part of your daily routine to get you ready first?

Plan your outfit the night before. Take some time at night to work in an effective skincare routine.

Get you ready first in the morning. Wear a little makeup. Spray your favourite perfume. A little ‘extra’ really does go a long way.

#2 Plan your wardrobe.

Is your wardrobe working for you? Is your wardrobe meeting your daily demands or are you holding on to past life pieces?

Like life, our wardrobes need to evolve. Holding on to pieces that you ‘might wear again one day’ or ‘might fit again when…’ is far from inspiring.

A capsule wardrobe is just the ticket when it comes to having pieces that serve the demands of a busy Mum.

#3 Comfy but cool.

When it comes to day to day styling - don’t get too comfortable. And when I say comfortable, full-time loungewear, active pants, fleece sweaters and running shoes aren’t always going to the cut the mustard.

Sport luxe sweaters (Country Road and Decjuba are favs of mine), jogger pants, knit dresses, luxe knitwear, leather sneakers and ankle boots are seasonal must haves to elevate your wardrobe without compromising your comfort.

#4 Don’t forget the sprinkles.

The little details make such a huge difference to your look and this is where many women fail their outfit. Don’t leave out the accessories - they are the make or break of your outfit and in most cases, swapping out your shoes, bag and jacket/coat changes your outfit all together.

Every woman needs a dress watch, a great pair of earrings, necklace and little details in your clothing like texture, destructions, luxury fibres, metallic details and interesting finishes make all the difference.

#5 Book your personal styling experience.

For my first Mothers Day, I had a personal styling session and it changed everything for me. In fact, 13 years later, here I am offering the same experience to our community.

Visit here to book your space.

You won’t regret it. See point #1. Prioritise you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Stylishly Yours

Kerry Finlay - your personal stylist.