How to DIY Wardrobe Weed

Read on for the latest fashion blog from our exclusive in-centre stylist, Kerry Finlay. Learn more about her personal styling service here. We look forward to bringing her services back once it's safe to do so.

Well here we again, another lockdown but all is not lost. If you are stuck at home in between Netflix series and sourdough and looking for something to do - this is the perfect time to get stuck into your wardrobe and do a little audit.

First things first - take a look at what you loved wearing.
Make a note or take photos of outfits you got a lot of wear out of and keep this in mind. Secondly, are there any surprises in your wardrobe? Maybe something you thought you would get a lot of wear from but didn’t? Ask yourself why? Was it not weather appropriate? Maybe it didn’t serve you a purpose for the season of life you are in? Maybe you simply have too much and didn’t get around to wearing the things you have?

Pull out the pieces that make you feel guilty. You know the ones.

Those items you bought and never wore and hanging onto because it was expensive.

The pieces that no longer fit you.

The pieces that don’t serve the season of life you are in.

If you haven’t worn these in the last 2 years, it’s safe to say you can move them along and free up the space in your wardrobe.

Now think about your time week to week. Are you a full-time professional? Are you a work from home/stay home parent? Are you retired and enjoying a social life (when not locked down of course!)

Your wardrobe should be a reflection and a balance of your lifestyle.

For example - if you are a full-time, stay home parent, having a wardrobe full of professional clothing isn’t going to serve you.

Next step is to identify and make a list of the ‘gaps’ - this is often obvious items we overlook because we are too busy thinking about individual outfits rather than wardrobe work horse pieces.

Creating a wardrobe centred around a complimentary colour palette will not only give you more bang for your buck, but allow you to shop with confidence and purpose.

If this is where you get stuck - I would love to help you with this - knowing your best colours is the MOST important step in great personal style.

At Level 2, I would love to welcome you in centre for your 2-hour personal styling session and help you create the perfect wardrobe for Spring.

See you soon.