Artist Impressions & Site Plans

Pavilions Exterior

The Pavilions will be extended north by 65 metres and will include a 2,400sqm store plus approximately 18 specialty retailers. These will be predominantly fashion stores with accessories including cosmetics and jewellery, together with café/food outlets to complete the retail mix. The ambience that will be created through the retail mix and architectural finishes will be dynamic and exciting. The wide mall with customer seating and skylights above will add to the desired ambience. A new amenities block and approximately 63 carparks will also be built.

Pavilions Interior

Garden Lane

This part of the project comprises enclosing the existing outdoor precinct and creating a botanical oasis. The ambience will create a green, light, bright and welcoming environment with a unique roof structure allowing direct light into the area. Shopfronts will be extended either side, and the mall will be enclosed (open at the Town Centre end) with a pedestrian walkway.

Market Square

Market Square will be transformed, with opportunities for food stations and kiosks offering a combination of catered and fresh food, and space for events. The existing skylight will be refurbished and feature canopies at the external entranceways will be installed together with automatic entrance doors to control the ambient temperature within.

Site Plan