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Winter Skin Care

Winter is one of the greatest times of year for intense, results driven skin treatments. With more sun exposure at other times of the year, there is no better time than winter to treat that unwanted pigmentation. Wintertime allows us to really get stuck in!
At The Cosmetic Clinic, some great treatment options to consider for all round results and healthy skin include:
  • Microdermbrasion for dry and dull looking skin
  • Micro needling: to stimulate new collagen and restore skin glow and texture
  • Medi-Aesthetic Peels: to brighten and regenerate new skin cells
  • Cosmelan: get rid of that unwanted pigmentation
Don’t forget your home care routine! Very important that you reinforce the Professional results done in clinic while in your bathroom at home. Professional grade skin products make a significant difference. Cleansers to remove surface dirt and debris, along with gentle exfoliation to slough off those unwanted, dull skin cells. A serum or two to target those personal skin concerns. Your professional therapist will tailor made your routine and advise you on what is best. And please don’t forget the importance of protection from a good moisturiser and SPF!

The Cosmetic Clinic has an all round approach, so why not use winter to start your Laser Hair Removal journey. Now is the time eliminate that unwanted hair for smooth and silky skin when you’re out and about in summer!