Meet Sohel from Robert Harris Level 1

Tell us a bit about your cafe?
At Robert Harris we work very hard to make things as easy as possible for you. So we concentrate on producing coffee thats second to none. We offer a delicious range of snacks and meals - baked freshly in the cafe every day. And we create and environment thats custom-designed to help you relax.

What is your position at Robert Harris and how big is your team?
I am the Franchisee of the store and we have a team of 7


What is the most popular coffee and dish on the menu right now?
Flat White is our customer's favourite coffee and the Bacon Butty with fries on our specials menu is very popular.
What is your favourite coffee and menu item?
I love a Flat White and my personal favourite is waffles.


What is the most unusual or funny request you have had from a customer?
Coffee with 8 shots during a lunch time. Thats been a first and last of its kind.

What makes Botany Town Centre a great part of the community?
Botany Town Centre is a true Town Centre with a range of community services, entertainment and of course shopping and food. This is your one stop East Auckland destination.