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Meet Par from Creative & Brave

Tell us a bit about your store?
Creative and Brave (formerly Texan Art Schools) was founded almost 30years ago with the vision of connecting kiwis with beautiful pieces made by NZ artisans. From artwork and ceramics to handcrafted jewellery. Each piece has its own unique story and we love being able to share their stories with you.


What is your position at Creative & Brave and how big is your team?
I manage our beautiful store at Botany Town Centre and have an amazing team of 4 ladies who are just as passionate as I am about our wares.


What makes your store so special and what is your most popular product/range?
Creative and Brave is so unique, the products we have aren't mass produced and are mostly hand made right here in NZ. You will rarely find a store similar to us especially in a mall setting.

With artists ever evolving their style and work its hard to pinpoint just one top selling product but recently with people having to freight items alot more then usual. Art prints by our most popular painters Angie Dennis, Jane Crisp and Irina Velman have really been moving (especially cause they are so light)

What is the best part of your job?
I say it all the time but being surrounded by so many lovely things really makes this store an amazing place to come in to each day. Sharing our artists stories and connecting customers with their products makes the job all worthwhile and makes my job not feel like a job at all. Plus getting a sneak peek at new works coming through doesn't hurt :)


What makes Botany Town Centre a great part of the community?

Botany Town Centre is such a great little community to be apart of it and has the best atmosphere year round with the indoor/ outdoor vibe (especially with the upgrade to Garden Lane) all the store workers know each other and it feels like a little village. Locals know they can come here and find exactly what they need, or in our stores case discover things they didn't know they needed.