Meet Irene, Grace & Walter - The Sweet Land

Tell us a bit about your store:

Our store has been running as a family business in Botany Town Centre since the centre opened. We sell a large variety of chocolates, candies, gift baskets and unique gift ideas. From old fashioned candies that will remind you of your childhood to the latest products, visit us in Garden Lane for your sugar rush!


What is your favourite treat in store?

My favourite is Aniseed lollies these days. Aniseed Wheels, Aniseed Balls, Glo Heats, Aniseed sparkles, anything Aniseed!

What is the most unusual or funny request you have had from a customer?

We have a regular customer who visits us to buy Mint Humbugs (old fashioned boiled lollies). He often visits our store in the early morning before it gets to busy, and he likes to hang around and listen to the lovely music we play in store. Last Christmas he provided us with a beauiful selection of Chrismas music which we played throughout the Christmas season in our store.


What is the best part about your job?

I get to eat all the lollies I like for FREE! I have a sweet tooth and love to try out new lollies before we sell them to our customers. I enjoy creating the gift baskets and unique gift requests we get from our customers.


What makes Botany Town Centre a great part of the community?

Botany Town Centre is my second home. I shop here, meet friends here, play with my kids here and I work here. I love this place!

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