Self Care

Read on for the latest fashion blog from our exclusive in-centre stylist, Kerry Finlay. Learn more about her personal styling service here.

How's that mid year slump going? Spring is just around the corner I promise but in the meantime let’s take a look at self care. It’s too easy to ‘let things go” this time of year and forget how important looking after you is.

Some may say self care is indulgent but here at Botany Town Centre, we say it’s a necessity and have 5 ways to put self care at the top of that to do list and reset yourself for Spring.

1. Reset your diet and gut health with a visit to Chelsea and the team at Daily Refiller Organic Grocer. The coffee and organic treats are delicious too.

2. Support your skin at one of our skin therapy specialists with a targeted treatment plan for your going beauty and skin conditioning goals. The teams at Laser Clinic, Image Oasis & The Cosmetic Clinic would love to look after you.

3. Intentionally move your body with regular walks, weekly fitness classes or with a personalised fitness plan from City Fitness Botany to not only get you feeling energised and well, but look well heading into the warmer months too.

4.How about a pampering at one of our massage specialists or beauty bars? From brows, to nails, to those tension knots and stress, take an hour or so and relax.

5.  Invest in your personal image and upscale your confidence with a personal style and shop session in centre. Learn more about your unique colouring, dressing for your shape and lifestyle and how to shop with a plan. Bookings can be made here

However you decide to prioritise self care this season, remember it is important and sets you up to be a better version of you. Bring on Spring.

Stylishly Yours