Karen: 20 Years at New World

To celebrate 20 years at Botany Town Centre, we had a chat to Karen from New World who has been with us since day one. Don't forget to join us this Saturday 19th between 12pm-2pm for our birthday celebrations with free face painting, balloon twisting, a spinning prize wheel and more.

Karen Thompson, an employee at New World Botany, is known for her devotion to customers and colleagues, and her incredible customer service skills. As Tim Hitchcock, the owner of New World at Botany Town Centre, says, “Her knowledge of all our offerings is very impressive. There are not many customers who Karen doesn’t know, and she has a lot of experience under her belt. Karen is famous for supporting our customers at checkouts but also our lolly aisle, looking after the lollies.
For her part, Karen admits there is a wee challenge to the job. “I get very tempted looking at the lollies all the time! I love working here and meeting the customers and looking after the lolly aisle. I started here from day one in 2001. The centre looked very different when I first started, for example the door opened straight to the mall by the checkouts. Garden Lane has been very nice also, I used to sit by the fountain to have my lunch.

It’s very fun to work here and some long-term customers have become my friends. I know a 19-year-old who I met when she was five – she has become a friend and her mum and grandma too. I say hi to them all the time. I just like the way I am treated here. We are like a big family.”
Tim says, “Karen knows all the deals. She was asking a customer the other day if they had tried the new kombucha lollies, and I said, ‘We have kombucha lollies?!’ Karen is the lolly expert, and she gets one over on me most days. She’s the real boss. We pride ourselves on customer service here at New World Botany, and Karen has since the store opened been at forefront of this.