20 Years of Sewing Bee

To celebrate 20 years at Botany Town Centre, we had a chat to Gigi from Sewing Bee who has been with us since day one. Don't forget to join us this Saturday 19th between 12pm-2pm for our birthday celebrations with free face painting, balloon twisting, a spinning prize wheel and more.
Gigi Tam, the owner of Sewing Bee, has just marked her 20-year anniversary at Botany Town Centre – she was there the day the centre opened on 3 May 2001. “We had a branch on Botany Road and were invited to set up at Botany Town Centre – we were impressed by the mall, which is very open and inclusive. We love how the centre is unique, open and everyone is relaxed.
“Being at Botany Town Centre has been good for my business, because we have good word-of-mouth referrals. Customers recommend you, and for 20 years I have not moved from this area because for us its all about our customer relationships. You become just like a friend to customers - its about so much more than just money. I enjoy owning my shop and working here, and Botany Town Centre is close to my home.
“After the refurbishment and upgrades, it’s been very nice. When I’m tired I take a walk around the centre, and the design is nice and open and you cannot compare it to anywhere else. Botany is a lifestyle.”